Better late than never..

Here I am again after neglecting the site for several months. I am going to keep promise and keep this up tp date ….img_1713

So here I am with the first of my blogs  for the new year, and a lot of things have happened since I last wrote…

Stepping back in time to November my partner T came over and did a lot of jobs around the place.

Here is the landrover dragging out old trees and sorting out the field in front of the house.

We now have a wood burning stove in the house, and a new hot water heater by the sink in the kitchen.


Winnie and is certainly a lot warmer now… and so am I..


The photos above a mosaic of live here in November and back in the Uk briefly where my grandson was born,,,

Now a new start and a new yrar…

My first six months in Italy…. And with the best made plans of mice and men, orginally from a poem by Burns and later by Steinbeck,,, illustrate just how we can plan but things sometimes seem o take their own route…

I am not one to give up though so with a new year laying before us I am battling on with all sorts of plans,

My English Storytelling workshops went well. I amused a lot of children with tales of snowmen and Santa n our local town of Campobasso.